Airplane Attire

It’s time! I leave for Grenada bright and early tomorrow morning! I’m not checking a bag because I’ll only be there for 4 full days. And not checking means minimalist packing…something I am far from good at. I’ll be posting my packing guide next week. For now, I’m talking airplane accoutrements—as in, what I’m wearing on the plane.

I have 3 rules for airplane attire. 1) Be comfy. You aren’t a celebrity so you don’t need to wear Loubi’s on a 5 hour flight. 2) Dress in layers. Duh. Airplane climates send us all straight into menopause somehow. 3) Wear socks. Airport floors = Gross.

All of these rules oftentimes culminate in my outfit consisting of leggings, a tee, a light jacket (especially for tropical traveling), and a scarf. Tomorrow is no exception. Due again to the fact that I’m carrying my luggage on the flight, I’m wearing my bulkiest items on the plane. Aka my sneaks and some sweats. I opted to wear a thin, bootcut pair of Splendid sweatpants because they balance out the fact I’ll be wearing running shoes.  I’m throwing on a comfy lulu tee and my new leather jacket (ON SALE!), as well as a scarf for snuggling.  Of course, having a good carry-all tote is essential. When I don’t check luggage, all sorts of spillover ends up in a tote.

Shop some similar outfit options below. And remember you can still look cute in sneaks and sweats, just keep your materials similar and stick to a color scheme.

sneaks & sweats

tee's & totes

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